Yarns certifications

We, at Insolito Atelier, take our yarns choice as a serious task and it is because of this that we are glad to offer you our curated yarn selection.

Below you can read everything regarding the certifications of our yarns.

Mulesing Free

Mulesing Free Certification

The “Mulesing free” certification grants that the yarn comes from an animal that didn't undergo the Mulesing practice.

The Mulesing tecnique is a technique born in the '30s from the Australian farmers and consists in the removal of a part of the anal and perianal flesh and, sometimes, even the removal of the tail. This practice is done expecially on Merinos sheeps. The main purpose is to prevent the spread of infections in the back of the animal which is exposed to humid substances and excrements that form an ideal habitat for flies to attack the sheep and deposit their eggs. The infection causes suffering on the animal and forces the farmer to discard a a large amount of whool. 

To solve this problem some of the back flesh is removed, often without anesthesia, so that the skin will grow again smoother not allowing the infections to settle. The problem is that often those infections lead the animal to the death, but so does the Mulesing practice, because it generates a lot of blood loss wich leads to infections and the problem is back to the beginning, not solved. The purpose of this technique is not to save the animal but instead to produce as much wool as possible: if the sheep survives the trauma of Mulesing it will produce good and clean wool throughout its entire life. 

But, is this practice legal?

Yes it is, but not in all countries. It is legal in Australia which is the main manufacturer of Merinos wool in the world.

This technique is accepted and judged by the Australian Association of Veterinarians as a "not ideal solution, but a necessary compromise between a painful operation on the spot for the animal, with long-term benefits on his well-being".

Mulesing is causing controversy among Australian people and they are fighting to highlight the brutality of this method and to at least make anesthesia mandatory.

Mulesing Free Yarns

Confidence in textiles

The Confidence in textiles certification is an international trademark that certifies that textile and dressing articles does not contain any harmful substances for kids and adults. 

The “Confidence in textiles” trademark is property of the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology (Oeko-Tex) and when present on textile articles certifies that it is secure and harmless for the health and the environment.

The right to display this certification on a label is allowed only after the examination and the analysis of the substances utilized during all the production phases of every single textile article component. The analysis includes all the prohibited and toxic substances as well as the substances which are not yet explicitly prohibited but considered harmful. 

When you buy a "Confidence in textiles" article you have the guarantee that all the tests has been passed and it is safe to wear it.

Confidence in textiles certified yarns


GOTS Certification

The GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) grants that an article is made with natural fibers that comes from cultivations that doesn't use chemical pesticides nor genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It also certifies that no toxic substances are present on the article. 

This certification undergo both ecological and social inspections along the entire production chain.

From the ecological perspective the GOTS certification forbids the use of toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, azo dyes and other environmentally hazardous substances. The companies must comply with environment protection rules to minimize the impact of the production phases. 

From the social perspective the GOTS criteria is based on the key norms of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) meaning that the security and hygene conditions must be granted to the employees and there must not be any form of harassment or labour exploitation. No discrimination is practised, retributions must be fair and no precarious employment is provided. 

Every GOTS certified product contains at least 70% of certified organic natural fibres.

The GOTS certified companies are checked annually and are also subject to random checks.

GOTS certified yarns